For the seasoned cannabis enthusiast as well as the newcomer, a better understanding of the plant enhances the experience. Ascent Dispensary strives to educate and guide our customers on their journey, providing insight into how cannabis works, diverse methods of consumption, and incredible potential. We encourage questions and curiosity. Our friendly staff is always delighted to chat about your preferences and our products.

Looking to Learn More About Cannabis?

Cannabis is a complex plant, providing over 100 different cannabinoids, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the reason for the psychoactive effects while CBD offers therapeutic benefits without the high. Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is made up of a network of receptors that play a crucial role in sleep, mood, focus, pain, reproduction, memory, appetite, immune function, metabolism, and more.

Ascent Dispensary Can Guide You Through the Art of Cannabis

Ascent Dispensary offers a carefully curated selection of cannabis strains from industry-pioneering producers. The unique characteristics of each strain influence everything from flavor and potency to aroma and effects. Indica strains are known for relaxing, sedative properties, while sativas tend to be more energizing and uplifting. Hybrids combine elements of both and are often created to target specific effects. We recommend looking beyond categories to the THC percentages and terpene profile. And remember, each person is unique in how they experience cannabis strains.

Methods of consumption include:

  • Flower:
    • Smoking – Inhaling the smoke of burning dried flowers produces a rapid onset of effects.
    • Vaporization – This more discreet alternative heats cannabis without combustion to produce an inhalable vapor.
  • Edibles:
    • Gummies, chocolates, baked goods and all sorts of treats infused with cannabis extracts provide delayed, heightened, and long-lasting effects.
    • Infused beverages such as tonics, lemonades, and sodas offer portability, easy dosing, and quicker onset of effects than traditional edibles.
  • Concentrates:
    • Dabbing – Vaporizing concentrated cannabis extracts such as wax or shatter using a specialized rig delivers incredible potency and immediate effects.
    • Oils and tinctures – Sublingual consumption is easy, discreet, allows precise dosing, and supplies quicker effects than traditional edibles.
  • Topicals:
    • Salves, lotions, and assorted topicals infused with cannabinoids offer localized treatment of skin conditions and pain without psychoactive effects.
    • Transdermal patches are different from other topicals in that the cannabinoids reach the bloodstream and can offer all-day or all-night relief

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Great shopping experience at Ascent every time. Bright, modern premises. Huge selection of both the classic and the creative cannabis products. Staff with passion and knowledge. This has become been the only dispensary in Mammoth I go to.

Branko K.

Known Robert for a long time now. I used to go to his other dispensary in Mammoth Lakes as well. This one just is awesome. If you’re looking for incredible selection at great prices with a knowledgeable staff, this dispensary would do well anywhere.

Adam L.

I really liked that you can actually shop! Everything is not behind the counter so you can actually take your time and look at all the options and their potencies! Great place and great deals!!

Ashley S.

Daniel was super friendly from the second we walked in. Checked us in quickly and talked with us throughout our time in the shop. I coulda just chilled and talked with him all afternoon. Decent selection. Loved that we could actually touch the product.

Kristin C.

Having been to dispensaries in Colorado, Washington, and now here in Cali, I have to say this was, by far, my favorite experience. The selection is phenomenal, the prices are more than competitive…

Michael C.

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