As the legal cannabis market expands, more businesses are being founded or further developed to provide customers with cutting-edge new items, including bongs. 

The Nucleus company is based out of Central New Jersey and creates a wide range of distinctive goods with an emphasis on thick, high-quality borosilicate glass and simple, streamlined forms. 

Let’s see more details about Nucleus Glass and find out what’s the Nucleus Bong!

Nucleus Mission and Products

Glass makers tend to deceive the vast majority by passing off flimsy, cheaply constructed products as high-end items, especially those who specialize in scientific glass pipes. However, Nucleus Glass carefully designs every piece it ships and ensures the quality of every item in its lineup, transforming the landscape of the legal cannabis market.

Nucleus Glass is a glass company which sells beaker bongs, straight tubes, recyclers, bubblers, oil rigs, glass pipes and numerous accessories with exquisite designs for reasonable prices. Their bongs will impress any smoker or vaper because of their emphasis on the design and high-quality materials. 

Any Nucleus glass piece, whether it be a classic beaker bong, a straight tube, or one of their bowls, is made from borosilicate glass because the company’s primary goal is to produce high-quality goods that every smoker can afford. 

The Nucleus Bong

On the current cannabis market, there’s a wide variety of bongs available with different characteristics and design. However, the Nucleus Bong is one style of bong that is becoming more and more well-liked. The Nucleus Bong is a piece of glassware that looks like a pipe, but instead of a stem, it has a hollow tube that holds water or cannabis vapor. 

The Nucleus bong is made up of multiple small, connected pipes that come together to form a circle in the water pipe. Each hit from the pipe goes through several drops of water, which produces more smoke and flavor than other bong varieties and intensifies the smoking experience. Note that since you are not breathing in hazardous chemicals and tar, this method is significantly healthier than smoking joints or cigarettes.

Which one to Choose; Silicone Beaker Bong and Nucleus Beaker Bong

The Silicone Beaker is a functional bong made of durable food-grade silicone pipe that won’t corrode or stain. For anyone searching for a sturdy and reasonably priced smoking equipment, this bong is a great option. Its carbonation slide and a sleek appearance are two elements of the bong that will improve your smoking experience.

The Nucleus Beaker Bong is a glass bong of exceptional quality with a practical design. The percolator creates a cool, smooth smoke, and the beaker-style construction is simple to clean. It has a carb hole and the bong’s water filtration system can cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs, and the mouthpiece is easily removable for cleaning. Consider choosing this one for an enhanced and powerful smoking experience.