2021 has been exciting for cannabis so far, with state legalization gathering widespread momentum and federal legalization on the horizon. Growers continue pushing the limits of THC percentage and they’re giving us some really powerful and diverse strains – aren’t we lucky? Here are our top weed strains to look out for in 2021. 

Pink Rozay

Since 2020, Pink Rozay has been gaining popularity due to its unique flavor profile and its prolific developers – Cookies founder Berner and rapper Rick Ross. This Indica strain isn’t for the faint-hearted, packing in up to 25% THC. The taste is sweet, flowery notes with unmistakable fruitiness – not too different from a glass of rosé. 

Potent Pink Rozay delivers a heavy and euphoric head high that will leave you feeling happy and cheerful. By contrast, expect your body to become relaxed and mellow. You should sleep easily with this strain, and medical marijuana patients choose it to help relieve chronic pain. 

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Apple Fritter

Cherry Pie is tasty, but some were looking for another dessert flavor. Apple Fritter is a popular example of the apple trend of the last few years. The strain wins fans over with its taste profile – a sweet yet earthy flavor, with subtle hints of cheese, pastry, and even strawberry. Popular on the pre-2018 California medical marijuana scene, Apple Fritter is now breaking into adult use as one of the top weed strains of 2021. 

Apple Fritter is made by crossing Animal Cookies and Sour Apple, and its makers Lumpy’s Flowers label it as predominantly Indica. However, users report having a balanced experience between relaxed and uplifted. With Apple Fritter, you’ll chill out and talk more at the party while staying steady and in control. 

Kush Mints

A few years old now, Kush Mints continues to spark rising interest in 2021. This isn’t surprising, as it delivers that rare relaxing, full-body high that won’t leave you locked to the couch after 20 minutes. Legendary developers Seed Junky Genetics have created a highly potent strain, with a THC percentage in the high 20s. 

Kush Mints crosses Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. It’s a hybrid strain that has a reputation for being an “all-day Indica”. It provides mood-boosting, uplifting effects, provokes strong cerebral stimulation, and inspires creativity. Kush Mints should leave you sleepy and help you easily drift off to sleep. The strain’s flavor is, unsurprisingly, minty, hinting at cookies and citrus too. 

Apples and Bananas

If you can get your hands on Apples and Bananas, buy it up quickly. It’s a new strain, made when Compound Genetics and the ever-popular Cookies teamed up to cross a Platinum Cookies x Granddaddy Purple plant with a Blue Power plant, then with Gelatti afterward. The strain really is said to taste like its fruit namesake, so it’s no wonder it flies off dispensary shelves. 

Apples and Bananas has a high 23-30% THC level and only 2% CBD. It’s an evenly balanced hybrid that hits you with a fast and heady dose of euphoria and creativity. A stimulating, buzzing tingle will then emerge. Medical patients love using Apples and Bananas to treat chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and muscle cramps. 

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