Since the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized hemp plants and their derivatives, the hemp industry and products derived from cannabis have advanced significantly. As a result, the demand for CBD, THC, and HHC products is rising dramatically. 

One of the newest cannabinoids on the market right now, hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, a relative of THC, is quickly gaining popularity due to its distinctive effects and unique qualities. HHC recently became known even though it was discovered in the 1940s by chemist Roger Adams. Commercial HHC is created in a lab using chemical procedures from hemp-derived CBD, just like delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC but does not contain THC so it has a legal benefit in comparison to other cannabinoids.

As many have discovered its benefits, there are many HHC products available in the market in the form of vape carts, hemp flowers, gummies, and pre-rolled joints.

So, let’s take a look at the best HHC products on the market!

Binoid Vape Cartridges

Customers have long trusted the cannabis brand Binoid, and their HHC vape cartridges are some of the best products you should try. These vapes create a rich and potent medical-grade vaping experience by combining premium HHC distillate with a variety of terpene strains known to increase both mental and physical energy. You can find them in Gorilla Glue, Lucid Blue, Super Silver Haze, Hawaiian Sunrise, Cali Gold, Sunset Sherbet, and Lucid Blue.

3Chi Northern Lights Vape Cartridge

Anyone wishing to improve their mood has the greatest choice with 3Chi’s HHC vape carts. Their most recent Northern Lights HHC vape cartridges will leave you feeling euphoric, social, and tranquil with no anxiety because they contain 93% HHC and 5% Delta 8. Each cart offers a slightly different experience due to the strain-specific cannabis-derived terpenes that will affect your buzz. There are a total of seven strains available to choose from.

Delta Munchies from Delta Extrax

If there is a company in the emerging cannabis market that can be trusted, this is Delta Extrax. They introduced Delta 8, 10, and THC-O products first, and they also did so for HHC. Note that the HHC carts from Delta Munchies are not for the weak of the heart as they are one of the strongest 1,000 mg vape carts on this list, offering an intense full-body high.

Koi HHC Pink Cookies

The Pink Cookies HHC cart, an Indica-dominant strain, is a terrific way to relax after a long day. The combination of 46% HHC, 17% CBN, 4% THC-O, and 15% Delta 8 in Pink Cookies will offer a wonderfully blissful result. Due to the total-body relaxation it provides, this cart is also a highly popular option for medicinal users and some users stated that it is also effective for pain treatment.

TRE House Tropic Mango Gummies

TRE House is a great company that sells delta-8 and HHC products but also many excellent vapes. However, their tasty THC and HHC gummies are perhaps what makes them most well-known. This range of gummies is filled with the lovely flavor of tropical mango and they’re perfect for anyone who prefers to consume a variety of cannabinoids rather than just HHC in order to get a well-rounded experience. 

Moon WLKR Gummies

An emerging star among HHC companies, MoonWLKR sells popular HHC gummies and delta-8 products. The Atlas range of hemp gummies is one of the most well-liked products. Each package of 25 candies has 312.5 mg of HHC, or 12.5 mg of each gummy. Although the HHC content is not very potent, it is sufficient to produce a pleasurable intoxicated effect.

Everest HHC THCO Gummies

Everest, a well-known producer of THC products, offers gummies that include both THCO and HHC. Each gummy is created from domestically cultivated, 100% organic cannabis and contains 125 mg of THCO and 12.5 mg of HHC. The delicious blue raspberry flavor is simply one more reason to purchase these fantastic HHC gummies.