Our cannabis Dispensary Favorites

At ASCENT we have a MAMMOTH selection of top cannabis dispensary brands. All of them are lab tested and certified compliant under California state law. That means any product that you find on our shelves has been scrutinized to the highest level for formula safety and accuracy of dosing information.

Cannabis Brands that Can Benefit You

We take pride in our ability to form relationships with brands that elevate the cannabis experience. Our Mammoth dispensary only partners with vendors that promote a clean, effective, relaxation, and relief solution for every kind of lifestyle. Browse these cannabis dispensary brand partners to help identify one that can benefit you.

Dixie // Edibles & Elixers

Dixie handcrafts every product with pure-extracted THC and a process we’re proud of. We go far above and beyond the mandated batch testing and triple lab test every product we sell. Because when it comes to cannabis, consistency, and accuracy are highly important.

Heavy Hitters // Vape Products

Heavy Hitters cannabis oil extracts are THC and terpene based and use zero thinning agents.

King’s Garden // Flower

Kings Garden has massive industrial cultivation, manufacturing, processing, distribution and transportation facilities.

Mary’s Medicinals // Infused Tinctures & Topicals

Best known as the developer and exclusive distributor of the award-winning Transdermal Cannabis Patch, Mary’s is transforming how people view and utilize cannabis; developing products that maximize the benefits of cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.

Papa & Barkley // Infused Tinctures & Topicals

Effective cannabis products for pain and wellness. the relief line was inspired by a son’s mission to ease his elderly father’s immobilizing back pain.

Only the Best Cannabis Brands

As the cannabis space grows, so will our effort to provide our customers with the best cannabis product experience. We are continuously seeking the latest and the greatest brands available to the California cannabis community. Contact Us if you make a great product or have a favorite brand to suggest to our buyer.

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