Many people have the occasional night of poor sleep. They have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, leaving them feeling a bit tired the next morning. Then things go back to normal. However, for millions of Americans, difficulty sleeping is a constant problem that can lead to severe mental and physical health concerns. CBN gummies may provide some much-needed relief.

The Effects of Poor Sleep

Having a night here or there of poor sleep can leave you feeling exhausted for a day, but it’s not a serious problem. If falling and staying asleep is a chronic problem, though, that’s when you could find yourself facing some significant mental and physical health problems.

Without enough sleep, you feel groggy. Chronic poor sleep can also increase your risk of irritability, difficulty concentrating, and depression. It can increase your risk of developing health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. It can also affect your immune health, leaving you more susceptible to getting sick.

cbn gummies

What Is CBN?

CBN is one of the more than 120 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The interesting thing about it is that the level of CBN increases as a cannabis plant ages. The reason for this is because it develops as THC degrades. For this reason, there’s little to no CBN in fresh cannabis. The older the plant, the higher the levels.

Because CBN is a byproduct of degrading THC, the cannabinoid is somewhat psychoactive. It’s not nearly as potent, though. CBN binds with the same receptors at THC (the CB1 receptors), but it has one-tenth of the potency. As such, it doesn’t create the same high that THC does. 

CBN Gummies for Better Sleep

Some research shows that CBN can be beneficial for improving sleep. A CBN gummy offers an excellent solution since edibles stay in your system longer. As such, they can help you stay asleep longer. 

One thing to note about CBN gummies (or any edible in general) is that you should take your dose at least one to two hours before bedtime. Your body needs to digest the edible before the cannabinoid gets released into your bloodstream. Giving it time to go through your digestive system means that you’ll start to feel the effects just as you’re crawling into bed. 

If you’re interested in trying CBN gummies to improve your sleep quality, you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find them. Most cannabis dispensaries carry a few options on their shelves. Don’t hesitate to ask a budtender during your next dispensary visit. 

Additional Benefits of CBN

Better sleep isn’t the only benefit of CBN. Other potential benefits of the cannabinoid include:

Try CBN Gummies at Bedtime for Better Sleep

Dealing with insomnia and the effects of poor sleep is anything but fun. Fortunately, CBN gummies may provide you with the relief you seek. When you’re finally able to get the sleep you need, you can function more effectively, think more clearly, and feel better overall. The next time you’re at your favorite dispensary, consider picking up some CBN gummies and giving them a try.