Winter is here, the days are cooler, and Christmas lights and treats have made their appearance. We’re getting ready for some next-level self-care as the holiday blues approach, and self-care is always done better with our favorite plant power. 

Weed can be helpful for adding a bit more relaxation and fun into these winter days spent indoors. Some weed products are excellent for boosting the winter spirit or combating the winter blues.

Let’s check them out!

Bubba Kush for relaxation

Bubba Kush is a well-known strain that is frequently available at dispensaries. Although its actual origin is unknown, many think it is a cross between OG Kush and Afghani, a pure Indica landrace strain. Caryophyllene, the terpene that dominates this flower, gives it a herbal flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. So, prepare to get cozy by combining Bubba Kush with your preferred hot cocoa.

Banana OG for combating the winter blues

Banana OG may be the ideal way to beat the wintertime blues by boosting your endocannabinoid system. Moreover, if you’re struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder this strain will certainly help you combat it. This tasty banana Indica-dominant strain has approximately 25% THC content and it’s a favored mood-enhancing strain among both recreational and medical cannabis users. 

Permafrost for the snowy days

Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and another high-THC variety produced by combining White Widow and Trainwreck. The name “Permafrost” refers to its frosty coating of crystal trichomes and fresh pine scent and its appearance resembles sparkling snow. It is one of the greatest winter buds because it tastes and smells like fresh pine!

Northern Lights for snow leisure

Award-winning Northern Lights is an Indica-dominant variety. This strain induces a nice state of laziness that makes you want to curl up on the couch and listen to your munchies. A pleasant feeling of well-being and happiness as well as improved creativity and attention, come along with this bodily high. A great strain to play with your friends in the snow!

Jack Herer for being energetic

The renowned Jack Herer strain is ideal for any time of the year but if you are experiencing winter sadness, lack of attention or creativity then this strain might be a game-changer. The Northern Lights#5 and Shiva Skunk Haze combination was used to create this strain, which was intended to be a cerebrally elevating hybrid. It does wonders to improve your mood, make you feel uplifted, and inspire creativity.

Mini Chocolate Bars to get cozy

Evergreen Herbal, well known for its tinctures and topicals, also shows off its culinary skills with its 4.20Bar edible. This winter, their 4.20Bar Minis Milk Chocolate Toffees can be the ideal way to spend some time with your friends indoors. Each of the 10 chocolates in the set has 10mg of THC, so if you’re new to edibles consider starting slow.

Kanha Gummies for chilling 

If you’re just too tired of the Christmas and winter spirit then consider trying Kanha. You will find a deliciously calming combination of CBN (5 mg), CBD (5 mg), THC (5 mg), and melatonin in Kanha’s 1:1:1 CBN Tranquility Gummies. A carefully chosen combination of relaxing terpenes and essential oils completes this potent mix designed to calm the body and the mind.

EGO Mint Lozenge for warming up indoors

Another great edible product that can help you get through the winter with a little bit of micro-dosing is EGO’s Mint Microdose Lozenges. Each of these discrete, simple-to-use lozenges has 5 mg of THC, allowing you to easily take your ideal dosage whether you’re out and about or relaxing at home by the fire.

Evergreen Organix Magic Bar

A caramel batter is spread over a graham cracker crust in the delicious Evergreen Organix Magic Bar with chocolate chips and coconut flakes sprinkled on top. The combined THC content of these two serving bars is 16 mg. Since it offers a calming effect without giving you the feeling that you’re about to fall asleep, this edible is excellent for socializing and staying connected!