If you’re new to cannabis you might have heard people refer to the different kinds of highs cannabis can deliver. The body high and the cerebral high. The body high is quite common and is what it sounds like. Whereas, the cerebral “heady” experience can manifest in creativity and focus.

While some strains can create a feel-good all over relaxation others deliver a more intense feeling referred to as couch lock. Regular cannabis consumers know which strains provide these preferred outcomes and use them accordingly.

Best Body High Strains

If it’s a body high you’re after, you’ll want to shop with intent. Choosing the right strain is an important part of getting that chill feeling. A great strain to start with for a flavorful experience that delivers relaxation is Key Lime Pie. In addition, there’s a great CBD dominant strain, Harle-Tsu for a calming non-psychoactive experience.

When relaxing is great but the goal is to catch some shut-eye, try Platinum OG and say goodnight. Lastly, there’s a strain that’s legendary for it’s the ability to couch-lock users and render them helpless to munchies and movies, Original Glue, AKA Gorilla Glue.

OG strains

It’s a Commitment

In contrast to the more cerebral experience that some strains can bring on, the body high strains are more of a commitment. Since they promote a sedative sensation, you’ll want to have a plan. Ideally, a plan to get horizontal and stay that way.

A great body high can provide some amazing results that include relief from muscle spasms, headaches, pain, and insomnia. Calming the body so it can rejuvenate for the next day.

The Takeaway

A great cannabis experience can be achieved with a little knowledge and planning. Instead of haphazardly buying cannabis products, give it some thought first. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve. Do you want deep relaxation and/or sleep? Or, are you after an uplifting, focus inspiring experience?

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