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oakfruitland - OakFruitLand Sugar Coded 1G Dual pack pre-roll
OakFruitLand Sugar Coded 1G Dual pack pre-roll
THC: 20.63%
Lacking the distinctive bright orange hairs that so many Oakfruitland releases are becoming known for, this strain is absolutely coded in trichomes. Pale green in some light, Chartreuse in others, Sugar Coded is a tricky strain to photograph. There's an undeniable rich color to these buds but hidden underneath a permafrost that bathes these nugs in an artificial tint. The smell is subtle. Earthy and almost spicy at first, there's a faint whiff of gas underneath an herbal aroma once you crack inside. Get your nose close enough, and you can even start to pick up the earthiness from the Dosido. This same subtle voice carries through in the dry inhale, but with different notes. At first, there's a hint of an almost tropical sweetness like an orange jet puffed marshmallow, but this quickly turns into a seaweed snack taste until you strike the match. Once you light things up, a floral brightness slides across through the roof of your mouth and gets more robust with each hit. With such a force field hiding the look of this strain, it's no surprise that this bright taste rests underneath an earthy armor that still manages to dominate the exhale. The high on Sugar Coded drops down like a curtain. The head and body feel like a toy bear stuffed with cotton, but the mind is untouched. With a strikingly focused effect, you get all the heavy onset of Dosido but with the calm, creative energy of Triangle Kush. After a bit, the relaxing OG effects from its grandparent start to shadow out everything, leaving you with a relaxed, laid-back vibe
1 gram
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